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Hussam Abughazaleh

RPH, Pharmacist in Charge of Infusion & Specialty

Hussam is the Pharmacist in Charge of the Infusion and Specialty Pharmacy which encompasses many responsibilities. He is responsible for the clinical aspects of the pharmacy as well as pharmacy law, regulations, and patient care. Hussam regularly talks to patients and explains medication interactions, side effects, and therapeutic effects. He asks patients many questions to ascertain their well being while on the medication regimen. Hussam has a strong desire for patients to get better while under his care. He likes to say, “Saving Lives and Stomping out Disease”.

Hussam graduated from Petra University in Jordan with a B.S. degree in pharmacy. He is one of the founders of Deliverit. He has helped the company grow from its infancy to what it is today.


Fun Facts: Hussam and his wife have a one-year-old son. Their family hobbies involve shopping, traveling the world, trying new food, and taking care of their son, Adam.

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