Bleeding Disorder


Home infusion therapy for hemophilia and von Willebrand disease, at DeliverIt Infusion & Specialty we work with medical specialists across the country to offer access to all approved factor products, a full range of therapies, and dedicated support services.

 DeliverIt Infusion & Specialty ensures that our patients get the care they need for all bleeding disorders. 

Time-saving Intake Coordination

When calling to refer a patient, prescriber's are connected directly to a live hemophilia treatment center (HTC)-­ experienced clinician who will coordinate the specialty care that patients need. Our insurance and reimbursement specialists have extensive experience with private insurances, as well as Medicare and Medicaid, and can help manage patients’ claims, extend insurance benefits, protect lifetime maximums, and coordinate insurance transition.

Individualized Care Plans

Every patient receives a disease-­specific, customized care plan that is focused solely on meeting the needs of the patient and his or her care team. We work with many limited distribution products like Coagadex and Corifact, a full range of therapies, and dedicated support services. We are uniquely qualified to provide continuous infusion services through local infusion pharmacies.

Long-term Support and Education

Ensures that patients receive comprehensive personalized care. With a dedicated inhibitor management team, bleeding disorder treatment patients benefit from additional social worker support with access to product support programs and a 24/7 bilingual support line. We provide intensive, up-to-twice-daily nursing to support adherence and physical therapy consultation.